The Business Lunch is a networking event, working to foster effective links and networks
within the English speaking business communities in Europe.

It’s not rocket science. We organise a lunch, you attend and do what you do best – promote yourself and your business – in a pleasant and stimulating environment. Join us at the Business Lunch and see for yourself how you can make this event work for you.

The first Business Lunch was held in Barcelona and following on from that success, we began to organise similar lunches in Luxembourg, Paris, Madrid and Amsterdam. And we will expand to other major European cities soon.

Hi Andrea,
Thanks for the wonderful warm welcome you give to everyone, you put everyone at ease when they are walking into a room of strangers! And of course for the brilliant organisation.
Looking forward to seeing you at the lunches in 2016. Happy Christmas.

Lynda Harris, Paysagiste, Paris

An excellent, well organized event. A very enjoyable afternoon and an invaluable opportunity for meeting many interesting people from across all industries. I will definitely attend again in the future. Thanks to all!

Catrin Symonds, Barcelona

Thank you to you Andrea for this really enjoyable Paris business lunch. It was really interesting to meet different people and to have nice exchange with them.

Pierre Yves, Paris

The business lunch is a great opportunity to meet international business owners and entrepreneurs who are based in Barcelona. The organization is excellent and I will continue to attend every month.

Alejandra Sánchez Yagüe, Barcelona

Well let me say how much I enjoyed it.. I met a lot more new faces and contacts. The atmosphere is very convivial and I would thoroughly recommend attendance.

Peter Spencer, Barcelona

Hi again Andrea, I enjoyed meeting you today and wanted to thank you again for hosting the event which from my viewpoint was indeed a success.

Victoria Lewis, Paris

The Business Lunch is a great opportunity to meet new and interesting people in Barcelona. My local network has increased exponentially after attending just twice. Well-run, well-attended and the current location at the Alba Granados provides the perfect venue for meeting contacts old and new.

Dave Foxall, Barcelona

A few months ago, a friend told me about a meeting / lunch for the presentation of their business and to bring the Barcelona (environment) to our neighbours who have ended up here to enjoy our climate, our City, food etc. It has been a major thrust, and a great push to get more for their own concerns. A Good Idea.

Eduard Triginer, Barcelona

Business Lunch is perfectly organised, Full support to best executives event in Barcelona.

Victor Guixer Martin, Barcelona

February 13, 2014, was the first time that I participated in the Barcelona Business Lunch. Great experience, I was positively surprised how easy it was to connect with the people that participated. I got a lot of new contacts. For any new participant the Business Lunch is highly recommendable.

Kristian Bertelsen, Barcelona

The Business Lunch is an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with other “international” business people in Barcelona. Attendees are a mix of both new arrivals and established residents. The organization is excellent, food is always great, but most of all, there is always interesting conversation!

Deborah McBrearty, Barcelona

It was a very nice opportunity to make business contacts!

Dirk Engelhardt, Barcelona

Our objectives

Our principal objective is to provide the English speaking business communities in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris and Luxembourg with a monthly lunch where networking and developing ones business interests is at the core.

We aim to deliver our Business Lunch in a friendly, relaxed and enjoyable manner that is open to both sexes, all ages, nationalities and business sectors. The demographics of each Business Lunch change constantly and this helps maintain the Lunch as a fresh and lively affair.

We organise the Lunch for you and we always want to hear your feedback and suggestions for improvement so that we can meet our objective in keeping the Business Lunch as a top networking event.

Looking forward, we are striving to build upon the success that has been achieved to date. Our objective is to strengthen the networking potential of the Lunch by allowing members to get actively involved with the Business Lunch website.