The Business Lunch – Back Story

The roots of the current Business Lunch go back as far as the 1970’s when the ‘British Club of Barcelona’ owned a property overlooking the port and where much gin was consumed.

Following a lean period in the late 70’s and early 80’s when the establishment was sold, the British Consulate assumed control, maintaining the event as a lunch under the name of The British Businessman’s Lunch.

Cutbacks again took their toll in the early to mid 90’s, with the burden of organizing the event ‘officially’ becoming more and more of a challenge.

In the late 90’s Bevan Brumwell, founder of Brumwell Brokers and long term Barcelona resident, agreed to relieve the Consulate of its duty and successfully ran the lunch for another five years.

By the turn of 2000, Bevan at last managed to persuade one of the members, Jonathan Goodman, to in turn take over from him ( after asking politely many times!).

Jonathan changed the name to ‘The Business Lunch’ and encouraged other nationalities and the ‘fairer sex’ to participate, to great effect. (Members today are represented by many nationalities, including locals and often at least 50% women).

Over recent years notable assistances during a year or two each, (and to give Jonathan a break), have come from Andrew Galway and Michael Thomas, both late of The Spectrum IFA Group.

Currently the Business Lunch meets monthly in central Barcelona with Chris Burke at the helm, closely watched by Jonathan Goodman.