Next lunch – Wednesday 8th July at our usual venue,
O’Sullivan’s Bar and Restaurant, 63 avenue Franklin D Roosevelt.


Cost 35euros per head for entrée, main course, café gourmand and 2 x glasses of wine.

Email to secure your place.

Future Events

Wednesday 8th July, 2015
Richard Brown
Tilney BestInvest

Past Events

June 2015

We were simultaneously educated and entertained by Robert J Oliver, our guest speaker from Mondream Real Estate Asset Management, at the June lunch. Robert (or Bob as he has become known to us) is a loyal member of the Paris Business Lunch and can be counted on to attend every time he is here in Paris.
Bob’s task was to explain to us “What is Real Estate Asset Management” in simple terms and in five minutes! He did it!! To summarise his presentation in one line;
If someone gave you Rockefeller Center, Canary Wharf, or La Defense as a gift you would probably wonder what to do with it. Essentially, you call me, give me the keys and go enjoy your life. I’ll send you reports and distribution checks on a timely basis”.

Click here to read Bob’s full presentation – it’s definitely worth a read! Or for more information go to
Thank you to everyone who came along! We had 33 attendees and again, we all enjoyed a wonderful lunch basking in the sunshine on the terrace at O’Sullivan’s.

Our next lunch is Wednesday 8th July and our guest speaker is Richard Brown from Tilney Bestinvest who is travelling over from London just for this event. Don’t forget to RSVP early.

May 2015

Our guest speaker for the May lunch was Una Van Dorssen, owner and founder of Unatoo.  Una’s background is in the financial sector before she founded and set up our own Consultation firm, with the aim of teaching corporations strategies for improving morale and creating a happier and more positive working environment.  Most of us are used to working under pressure, with deadlines to meet etc. and sometimes that can be to the detriment of co-workers particularly if we are all stressed and focused on our own specific work issues.
Una stressed the importance of ensuring that we also help promote a positive working environment and a happier atmosphere – a happy employee is always going to be more productive and positive in the workplace.  Una’s speech was very inspiring and something we all need to think about.  For more information please visit her website at
We had another good attendance this month with 22 guests and the good weather allowed us to enjoy lunch on the terrace under the sun.

February 2015

We had 32 attendees at our February lunch, completely enthralled by our guest speaker, the wonderful Mr. Claude Henrion, ex-President of LaFarge and ex-President of the IoD.  As always, the atmosphere was convivial and the food was excellent.  My mission is now to find a guest-speaker for March who can equal Mr. Henrion.  Thanks to everyone who came along and hope to see some of you at the March lunch.


January 2015

Many thanks to you all for coming along to yesterday’s lunch and for supporting this event which is growing in popularity by the month.  A special thank you to Chris Clayton from The Beaumont Group for educating us all on the benefits of Executive Search.  A great talk, Chris!  I would also like to thank the staff at O’Sullivan’s for the wonderful food and service, and particularly the lovely Rachelle for looking after us so well.
February’s lunch guest speaker will be the wonderful Claude Henrion whom you all met yesterday

December 2014

Another great turnout for our December lunch with 30 attendees from all sorts of business backgrounds including OECD, the Institute of Directors, Enterprise Ireland, Network Irlande and The Beaumont Group.
Our guest speaker was Raffaele Trapasso from OECD who really ought to give lessons in public speaking. Guests enjoyed a delicious lunch and christmas crackers were hand-delivered from the UK by Jon Cooper. Thanks to everyone who made it such an enjoyable event

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